Single Malt Aged 21 Years

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The second coming of Single Malt.
21 yrs aged

21 yrs

Single barrel


Finished in High Rye Barrels

Finished In

High Rye Barrels
The Béhôlden
America is no longer béhôlden to dusty decanters & tartan tradition.

Behold a whiskey of singular repute, sired from stills of storied past - absolved of obsolescence and conscripted to the quest for a new era of Single Malt. An advent of age unprecedented, indebted to its provenance, yet beholden only to the farthest bounds of creation.

The Béhôlden is the first-ever super-aged North American Single Malt, matured more than twice as long as any other on the continent. Aged for 21 long years in American Oak to add a rich maple and dried fruit to a bready, nutty base. Finished in WhistlePig Rye barrels bringing savory spice and subtle smoky notes, a game-changer for progressive palates.

tasting notes
Single Malt Aged 21 Years

Sweet fruit notes that leads into scents of cinnamon.

Single Malt Aged 21 Years

Golden raisin, graham cracker and black cherry.


Solid oak with maple and praline, and a hint of smoke on finish.

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