Our People, Our Pigs,
Our Planet

Inspired by our home state of Vermont, the vast farmland and green mountains that surround our distillery and warehouses.

Good Stewards

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us, we're actually doing it -- Because there is no great whiskey without grand land and a healthy human community tending to it. We have a longterm commitment to our local partners and our team, ensuring that everyone has what they need in order to live a meaningful life while nurturing the land that we're on, and leaving it better for the next generation.

Our Farm Community, Near and Far

Rye is the heartbeat of our 500 acres in rural Vermont, and we honor the grain by employing sustainable farming practices. Our Fall-seeded non-GMO grain reduces run off, protecting local water. If our annual yield is low, we support local farmers to round out the harvest. Beyond our Farm and neighbors, we support sustainable living and local food systems through movements like and

Turning Sunshine into Whiskey

The solar array on our barn produces enough energy each year to bottle whiskey for 494,530 Old Fashioned cocktails made with WhistlePig Whiskey. Our Farm & Distillery is 100% solar powered, producing an estimated 21,335 kWhs per month! And it doesn't stop there. We've become founding partners with Earthkeep Collective, a Coop Distillery launched in 2023 to advance sustainable farming and distilling practices in the craft spirits industry, and are actively reducing our carbon footprint in partnership with CarbonBetter.

Our 100% Impact

If you've tried WhistlePig PiggyBack 100% Rye, you know that anything worth doing is worth giving 100 to. In addition to our 100% solar powered distillery, 100% of our water is sustainably sourced from our Farm well, and 100% of our distillery waste is converted into renewable natural energy via and the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance, Leading the Organics to Renewable Energy Movement Across America.

Our Generation, Our Values

Great whiskey is for every woman, man, human, and hog. WhistlePig's 100% female-led whiskey making team breaks industry norms and sets an example for an inclusive workforce. To learn more about our leading ladies, check out The Team. Our employees share in ongoing education, diversity & inclusion training, a cross-functional transparency and communication taskforce, gender-neutral parental leave, and emergency loans. We're in this for the long haul.

Our Partners

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