Our Story

It All Begins with Rye

While the good old boys are drinking whiskey and rye, our young, rebellious team of creators have no time for nostalgia. We're too busy relentlessly trying new things to unlock the potential of America's oldest spirit, and we are just getting started.

Off The Grid & Independent

Once the leading American spirit, Rye Whiskey faded from popularity after prohibition ...until a dedicated crew of Rye enthusiasts settled in an unlikely place, turning a historic dairy barn into a world class whiskey distillery in remote Shoreham, Vermont, where we keep the things that make Rye great, throw out the rest, and constantly innovate to make whiskey our way.

I’m OK making mistakes. In my industry you drink your mistakes.
Our Mission

In Hog Heaven

Free from the industry rules and status quo, we bring great whiskey to the people without being limited by old conventions that have kept Rye Whiskey from living up to its true potential. Always brimming with new ideas, the Whistlepig team focuses on audacious experimentation, big age statements and bold experiments.