CampStock Wheat Whiskey

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Never show up to a campfire without a crowd-pleaser.
Wheat Whiskey


Solo Stove Toasted Barrels

solo stove

toasted barrels
86 Proof


All trails lead to CampStock Wheat Whiskey.

WhistlePig and Solo Stove are firing up summer with a stave-to-stove collaboration made for gathering ‘round the campfire. Our Limited Edition CampStock Wheat Whiskey is a blend of aged wheat & grain-to-glass rye whiskeys, finished with a proprietary Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 barrel toast.

With crowd-pleasing character and mellow toasted notes, this summer sipper is ready for wherever the sunny season takes you - Solo Stove in tow. To fuel the fire, we cut down our barrel staves and packed them up as Solo Stove whiskey barrel firewood. Summer is short. Light a smokeless fire, and pour yourself s’more!

tasting notes
CampStock Wheat Whiskey

Sweet maple notes with hints of citrus.

CampStock Wheat Whiskey

Citrus, orange peel, and notes of freshly toasted bread crust.


Vanilla on the finish.

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