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How was WhistlePig founded?

Like any successful American business, WhistlePig began with a dream. In 2007, we bought a dilapidated dairy farm in Vermont, and after many sleepless nights spent considering different business ventures, we decided to pursue our love of whiskey. With Master Distiller, Dave Pickerell, on board we made the ultimate gamble: investing in 10-year-aged rye whiskey, a spirit that had not yet been rediscovered by the American public. Dave curated liquid from the finest aged Canadian Rye stock available, which was then hand-bottled on the WhistlePig Farm. The gamble paid off and our 10-year old rye whiskey was born.

Why rye?

Rye is a stubborn grain that is not for the faint of heart, however, those who succeed in the tricky mashing, fermentation and distillation process are rewarded greatly. Rye presents an incomparable flavor profile that is bold, smooth and incredibly complex. We firmly believe that rye holds the greatest potential of all distilling grains, unmatched in flavor. Not to mention that rye is America’s original drink – President George Washington was known to distill rye on his Mount Vernon property.

Where did the name “WhistlePig” come from?

A short lineage of kunekune pigs proudly precide over the WhistlePig Farm & Distillery.  Today's Chief Pig, Mortimer Jr., descended from our original porcine mascots, Mortimer and Mauve. ...We realize that whistlepigs and pigs aren't exactly the same animal - but we've never claimed to play by the book.  

While it's origin story is obscure, the WhistlePig name and icon have become a daily reminder that great whiskey should be fun, not formal, and to never take ourselves too seriously.

Does WhistlePig have a distillery?

In the fall of 2015, WhistlePig officially opened its distillery on a 500-acre, renovated dairy farm in Shoreham, Vermont. The construction involved raising the original 150 year old, run down cow barn, making room for stills, fermenters, mash cookers, and more. Come October, our first 750 gallon hybrid still, The Mortimer, was installed – and so began the limitless potential of WhistlePig Vermont Estate Distilled Rye. In doing so, we became one of the few whiskey companies to house every aspect of the whiskey making process in one place, from harvesting our rye fields, mashing, fermenting, distilling, barreling, aging, and bottling.

Can I visit the farm?

The farm is not currently open to the public. However- we do have a tasting room very close by, in Quechee VT.

Learn more about our Whiskey Tasting Rooms.

Where does your whiskey come from?

Our core objective is to deliver the world’s finest whiskey, and that drives every decision we make. The first of which began back in 2007, when our Master Distiller, Dave Pickerell, had left Maker’s Mark to pursue making the best Rye Whiskey ever known to man. That same year, by pure chance discovery, he stumbled across the best tasting 100% rye (Monongahela style) 10-year-whiskey stocks in Alberta, Canada. And thus began the inception of our 10 year rye whiskey.

Today, our 500-acre farm is flourishing with fields of our rye grain. In 2017, we released our first single estate, Triple Terroir(TM) whiskey, FarmStock Rye Crop 001, following it up with Rye Crops 002 and 003 in 2018 and 2019. More recently, HomeStock teased the palates of the world by presenting a blend of 4 year old, 100% WhistlePig Rye with 5 year old sourced barley and wheat whiskeys, and reset the stage for what we may have up our sleeves.

We will continue to distill our own rye grain in addition to innovating with our existing products, expanding the boundaries of what rye can be. Look no further than our distinguished 15 year expression, sourced directly from Canada to the Farm, where it is finished in our custom toasted, charred oak barrels made from Vermont White Oak. And lest we forget the 12 Year Old World Cask Finish, patiently finished in hand selected Sauternes, Madeira and Port wine casks – laboriously married together, creating an amazingly unique whiskey.

What kinds of whiskey do you sell?

As a snapshot below is a list of our current product line up.

See our incredible whiskey selection here.

The 10 Year: This is our flagship release – 100-proof, straight rye whiskey, aged for at least ten years through a unique double-barrel process. The 10 Year has bold, spicy rye notes that earned a 96-point rating from Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

The Old World Cask Finish: Aged for 12 years, the Old World Cask Finish is the unique product of a carefully selected marriage of Sauternes, Madeira, and Port wine cask finishes. This blending process unites the bold attributes of rye whiskey with the elegance of European casks.

The 15 Year: The 15 Year is finished in custom toasted, charred barrels made from Vermont White Oak trees logged right on the WhistlePig farm. Due to harsh winters and a shorter growing season, these trees possess a denser wood grain, creating a nuanced and distinct flavor profile.

FarmStock: The latest of our products showcasing our farm-based innovation and the next step in achieving our 100% Triple Terrior (TM) vision – using whiskey distilled from our grain, proofed with our water from our well and aged in our customer Vermont White Oak. In 2017, our first limited edition annual estate release, FarmStock Rye Crop 001 debuted, with 20% of our 1 year old whiskey in the blend. Followed in 2018 by the second blend of our FarmStock series; Rye Crop 002 upped the game with 32% of our 3 year old rye in 2018. 2019 marked a milestone with Rye Crop 003, which contained a majority 3 year old WhistlePig rye at 52% of the blend. And last, but certainly not least, is HomeStock. Blended together, While Apart, in response to COVID-19, HomeStock is a blend of our 4 year old, 100% VT Rye whiskey, with 5 year old sourced barley and wheat whiskeys. The whiskey was created by our fans across the globe during a series of live blending sessions.

The Boss Hog Series: The name says it all. A series of our biggest, most profound Whiskey for the Boss Hog in all of us. With each release we commit to the following 5 promises: Single Barrel, Bottled at Cask Strength, Powerfully complex, Distinctly unique from anything we have ever done, Stupendous. The Boss Hog line is designed to completely redefine what a premium, one of a kind, barrel strength Rye can and should be. And indeed, the hog does not disappoint; Boss Hog IV, The Black Prince, won ‘Best In Show Whiskey’, at 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

See our archived products at the bottom of the page of current whiskeys and learn about the previous releases.

Where can I find WhistlePig near me?

To purchase our premier rye whiskey, check out our online Store Locator.

We currently distribute in over 25 states (and growing), and we’re constantly updating the Locator with new information – so check back soon. If you still can’t find a nearby location, or if you’re interested in getting WhistlePig overseas, send us a message at

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