The Team

Young and Restless

Our young, rebellious team is committed to breaking the rules, defying tradition, and blazing new trails with determination, laughter, and grit. We changed the Rye Whiskey game over a decade ago, and continue to set the standard every day.
our team

Fearlessly Forward

With a drink-our-mistakes attitude and an unbridled appetite for exploration, we distill genuine farm-to-glass whiskey. Spearheaded by our Head of Whiskey Development, Liz Rhoades and Chief Blender Meghan Ireland, our strong female leadership flips the script on distilleries of the past.

Dave Pickerell

Original Master Distiller   1956 - 2018


Director, Whiskey Operations and R&D

Emily Harrison

Lead Distiller

I'll put whiskey in any kind of barrel once.
Our Distillery

Devil in the Details

Our dedicated whiskey makers work together to find creative solutions for making the seemingly impossible possible. We push each other to continually try new things, which makes for an environment of surprise and inspire. "Come taste this!" is a phrase that gets shouted across the room almost every day.