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An Independent

Independent, unbound by tradition, and a world apart from other American whiskeys, we’re here to push the boundaries of Rye.

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Bottle of WhistlePig 18 being poured

No Satisfaction
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Defying the establishment, we struck out on our own, rolled up our sleeves and went off-grid.

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Photo of the WhistlePig farm
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“We’re proud to have zero generations of family tradition behind us.”

Ditching the Status Quo

Legendary distiller Dave Pickerell created his dream playground for experimental whiskey, then left it to the youngest, most restless and rebellious team in the country. We'll never stop exploring the limitless potential of whiskey.

Photo of Megan and Mitch

Meghan Ireland

Chief Blender


R&D Distiller

the world’s most awarded rye whiskey

The process of audacious experimentation and creating never-before-tasted whiskey is it's own reward. And if other people notice, that's cool, too.

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