Beyond Bonded Bourbon

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Introducing our first ever Bourbon Whiskey. 100% Farm-to-Bottle.
100% Farm-to-Bottle


Bottled in Bond


In Bond
Single barrel


Beyond Bonded
FarmStock Beyond Bonded Bourbon is back! This high rye Bourbon made from 100% Farm whiskey is the realization of a dream years in the making.

Whiskey making is often a labor of love, but farming is always a toil of untempered purpose. Especially here in Vermont, where a short growing season and extreme temperatures render each harvest all the more precious. From Farmer Lee to each individual barrel and bottle, every step from grain to glass is all the more meaningful.

FarmStock Beyond Bonded is our boldest dream yet: a tribute to the hearty, heirloom crop at its core. Carefully crafted from grain-to-glass, each single barrel is an untapped expression of the WhistlePig Farm.

tasting notes
Beyond Bonded Bourbon

Caramel corn partnered with oak notes.

Beyond Bonded Bourbon

Maple and vanilla with a creamy mouth feel.


Herbal tea with a hint of honey.

Ways to Enjoy

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