Single Malt Aged 25 Years

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An audacious expression of big pig energy.
25 yrs aged

25 yrs

Single barrel


silver oak barrel aged

Silver Oak

Barrel Aged
The Badönkådonk
A whiskey without rival, aged over a quarter century and finished in Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon barrels.

The crowning glory in our collection of super-aged N. American Single Malt, matured more than twice as long as any other on the continent. Hijacked by the hands of fate and fortune, to whisper wisdom collected over a quarter century, while simultaneously it shouts: "Stand aside, adversaries of old!"

To round out the mouthwatering character of The Badönkådonk, complete our grail quest, and best the Scots, WhistlePig joined forces with an ally in American Oak and fellow ringleader of the new wine and whiskey world order. Barrels from Silver Oak’s Alexander Valley Cabernet barrels lend notes of stone fruits, cedar wood, and transcendental tastiness. Take our word for it, or ask John Cleese.

tasting notes
Single Malt Aged 25 Years

Stone fruit - fig, plum - creme brûlée and light butterscotch.

Single Malt Aged 25 Years

Cedar wood, with doughy and wild honey notes.


Toasted almonds and tanned leather.

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