The Second Coming of Single Malt

March 1, 2023

WhistlePig 21 Single Malt: The Béhôlden

It’s a new day here at the WhistlePig Farm in the heart of the Green Mountains... And a new dawn for the future of Single Malt. Introducing The Béhôlden, a whiskey so rare and so fanciful it makes unicorns seem quaint by comparison. In fact, forget about those horned horsies. We’re talking about something far more serious than fairy tale – the new world’s first super-aged Single Malt. WhistlePig 21 Single Malt Whiskey: The Béhôlden is here to out dare tradition, change course on the chieftain o'the puddin-race, and liberate American palates from the haggis quo.

Behôld… a revolutionary tale. Born from 100% malted barley at the first Single Malt distillery in North America, 21 long years of age lend rich maple and dried fruit notes to a bready, nutty base. The pig de resistance: a bold finish in WhistlePig Rye barrels. Savory, spice and smoky notes join the stage, contending with the malt itself to create a final spirit that rises to the call of a new generation. Today, its whisper is the oink heard ‘round the whiskey world.

As rare as it is brazen, just eighteen barrels of The Béhôlden embody WhistlePig’s limited Spring release. Their story starts with stills hammered by the Scots themselves and absconded overseas for a brighter, and decidedly less dusty, future. Redeemed in the new world, these rogue stills began to run again more than two score ago – their bounty stashed in oak ‘till finally finding Rye barrel finished unity in the land of opportunity. As everybody knows there’s an ‘e’ in whiskey, but there’s no ‘i’ in team. Thus, we humbly acknowledge the origins of Single Malt, whilst raising a glass to freedom o’er the hills of our own pig-trodden glen.

This is the next step of WhistlePig’s whiskey rebellion: one small sip from a dram, one giant leap for single malt kind.

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