Robbie's Blend


A toast to The Last Waltz. We invite fans to celebrate in the memory of the late Robbie Robertson with the new WhistlePig 12 Year Robbie’s Blend. Created for and selected by Robbie Robertson, WhistlePig 12 Year Robbie’s Blend is a tribute to the beloved guitarist and songwriter for The Band, who led the Canadian-American rock band to rock prominence. The perfect accompaniment to fans’ Thanksgiving tradition viewings of iconic concert film and album The Last Waltz, which is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year, WhistlePig 12 Year Robbie’s Blend bottles have been dipped in wax that includes melted vinyl from The Last Waltz album. Robbie’s Blend harmonizes the heartfelt notes of The Band with the complexity of three Old World Wine barrels, including Port (19%), Madeira (76%), and Sauternes (05%). Crafted under Robbie Roberton’s watchful eye, the exquisite blend orchestrates a medley of flavors that resonates with every sip.

12 yrs aged

12 yrs

Finished in Old World Wine Casks

Finished In

Old World Wine Casks
86 Proof



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