SmokeStock Wood Fired Whiskey


Crafted in partnership with Traeger®, the original wood fired grill, SmokeStock is the ultimate whiskey for the backyard bartender.This limited edition whiskey is aged in American Oak No. 3 char barrels and then smoked slow and low with Traeger’s all-natural Apple BBQ wood, imparting campfire smoke and subtle savory notes alongside our signature bold and spice-forward style. A nod to the American cookout season, it’s perfect on the rocks while you fire up the Traeger®, or paired with your favorite BBQ recipe to share around the backyard table this summer.“This is the definition of a barbecue in your mouth” - InsideHook

Aged in New American Oak

Aged In

New American Oak
86 Proof


Smoked With Traeger Apple BBQ Wood


With Traeger Apple BBQ Wood