Dry Orange Fashioned


Every Old Fashioned needs an orange. Tip your bartender and keep it 100. With fewer orange-garnished Maple Old Fashioneds served in January, WhistlePig and Sunkist will not stand to “C” Americans suffer from Vitamin C deficiency this month. Crafted with 100% Rye Non-Whiskey, Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup and barrel-aged Sunkist Navel oranges, WhistlePig’s ready-to-drink Dry Orange Fashioned offers the well-balanced flavor of a classic Old Fashioned cocktail, without the proof, and with 10% of your daily value of Vitamin C. This limited-edition Dry Orange Fashioned is launching just in time for Dry January. Wet or Dry, 100% of proceeds from the 100% Rye Old Fashioned will benefit our family of orange peelers behind the bar.

10% Daily Value of Vitamin C

10% DV

Vitamin C
100% Rye


Small Batch



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